Open Studio

Am the featured artist this 10th year by Harrow open studios šŸ˜€looking forward to welcoming you all with exquisite art during the June weekends






ArtSwati is a visual artist of Indian origin,based in London . She is the winner of the Pure Prize 2015.
My work is about pureĀ luminous,deep set spaces stylised on the ethics of modern minimalism . I am interested in the dissolution of matter and its conversion into light orĀ ‘spirit’ ,surrendering the world of objects to find a single void and transcendental interconnectedness in all thingsĀ .Ā My art has a certain level of ambiguity and leaves the viewer to discover possibilities and makes them think of their versions of the unknown and to really question the boundaries and mergings of reality and imagination.



Prana means energy .Energy cannot be created or destroyed , it can only be changed from one form to another .Swami Vivekananda said It is the Prana that is manifesting as motion . Prana according to vedanta is the principle of life . It is like ether,an omnipresent principle ; and all motion either in the body or anywhere else is the work of this prana. It is greater than akasha, and through it everything lives .


I paint because I am bruised by beauty..
A joy so profound that it hurts
An ache so silent that it nourishes

I paint because I am kissed by light
A glow so soft that it glistens
A fire so bright that it ignites

I paint because I am struck by colours
A blue so deep that it slips
A pink so delicate that it shivers